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No one should leave their long-term financial planning to chance. Without an estate plan in place, your assets could be at risk. Should you die without a valid will, your estate may be distributed to unintended beneficiaries or unnecessarily probated.

In addition, you need to prepare documents that provide for your finances and medical care in the event you are incapacitated. These advance directives guide your representatives to take actions in accordance with your wishes.

At Lissner & Lissner LLP, we have worked for decades to help people prepare estate and trust plans. In fact, we receive most of our estate and trust planning clients through community-based referrals, including referrals from former clients, respected lawyers, social workers and other professionals.

Please find a copy of our estate planning information guide here.

Helping You Avoid Probate Or Plan For Unique Circumstances

Every individual will have unique estate planning needs. A person with a large estate may need to take steps to avoid federal inheritance taxes. Parents in blended families with stepchildren may need to make changes to wills or trusts to ensure certain assets are set aside for each child. In some cases, the needs of minor or special needs children require consideration.

The lawyers at Lissner & Lissner LLP provide custom solutions that reduce the time and cost of estate administration. For example, documents such as living trusts can prevent the need to probate a will.

Our attorneys also understand how to create special needs trusts designed to care for individuals with particular disabilities. Regardless of the complexity of your estate or trust needs, we have the experience to create a plan for you.

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Please do not put off your estate plan until it becomes a burden. Contact our law office to learn about your estate planning options. Located in Manhattan, we represent clients throughout New York, New Jersey and Florida.

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